Body Odor

He effects of body odors on human behavior are often misunderstood and puzzling. Most people have had both positive and negative experiences when dealing with another person’s natural scent. In fact, studies have shown that many happy couples have scents that complement one another. Such “Chemistry” also has an effect on reproduction and the longevity of relationships. But , a persons natural body odor is different than the orderless “pheromones” which are secretions produced along with their “smelly” brothers and it is these guys, not the overt smell of another, which have the DNA coded effects on the DNA of another member of the same species. The scientific concept here is that we as Humans seek DNA different than our own in order to boost own immune system for the purpose of sustaining optimal reproduction. In other words, a person’s pheromones fit as a puzzle piece into a DNA match that is different and complementary. The offspring then produced have the best of both immune systems combined. Now the good stuff. Although the pheromones are odorless, they are secreted together with the odored secretions of another which is what brings the other person into the scent of another. The common statements such as “he always smells good to me”, or “when we kiss , I see stars”. The desire to wear the clothing of another. The kiss that lasts forever. All of these experiences are related to the unique pheromone matrix related to sexual attraction.

Some studies however, have found that the mere odorless effects of pheromones can make others in their species feel sick , determine space boundaries , and even play a role in seeking dangerous situations together ( teamwork ) . Go figure. The good news / bad news is that one has no control over the pheromones produced by their body. We are born that way which is why the perfume industry remains a perpetual “need” especially during stressful times like now. Problem is , perfume or cologne can’t mask the pheromones. As they are odorless , they slip by any sort of scented anything and either ignite or extinguish various receptors in the nose and brain of the same species member irrespective of Gender.

As with any other natural experience, pheromone attraction can be a valuable tool in determining the effects others have on us. So , ask yourself if you can just think of some times being around some people made you feel sick, while others made you want to go eat , copulate , or go on dangerous survival trips together ? Interestingly, this could all boil down to being partially triggered by your own inborn odorless scent . In fact, dating sites such as have their patrons send in smelly t-shirts which are then passed along to other members to match a person’s attraction by smell, not sight. In fact this dating site posts no pictures of it’s patrons. If your smell matches with another, they are given each other’s e-mail in order to “see” what happens.

In lower mammals and insects , pheromones are key in everything from mate and reproduction choices to living in different social norms and territories. The Human Cortex however allows us , unlike our fellow primates and non -fellow insects , to consider more than just a person’s smell and the sensations they create inside of us when we make decisions to either move towards or away from someone. A recent study found that a person’s “smell” was as important as the person’s “physical appearance” in longterm elderly relationships.

So. The bottom line is that “Chemistry” really does matter in helping us understand what brings some people close and others not. So, don’t forget to mindfully use your nose and breathe in another and let your DNA give you some feedback in determining your next step.

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