Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

There are four basic reasons why many New Year’s Resolutions fail. First, the goal is either too high or unrealistic. When an individual decides on a resolution, it is essential that it is a reasonable achievement that can be reached without over-suffering, but still reaching for their full natural potential. Second, failing to have a plan on “how to” reach the resolution will commonly result in failure, such as trying to lose too much extra weight too quickly. Third, having some personal rewards along the way towards the ultimate goal is essential. For most individuals, children and adults alike, a final goal at the end of the tunnel often times feels too far away and small rewards along the way help maintain motivation to continue.  Lastly, the final reason why many resolutions fail is due to a lack of follow through. Insight and thinking are essential in planning for a goal or a change, but action MUST also follow and in many cases, this is where goals fail to become reached. This is due to the establishment of habits which are difficult to break even if they are maladaptive – in order to break any unwanted habit, the individual must first decide they are going to break it, establish some goals, determine a reasonable plan, and follow through even if it does not initially feel natural, and have rewards along the way and at the end. Over time, the new habit will replace the old one and a new sense of esteem will develop and will be the ultimate condition that keeps the resolution in place. People who follow this type of protocol tend to reach their Life Style Improvements and keep the newfound habit in place as long as one keeps up the beat. Bottom line though is that living longer means living better.

Key Points:
1. Resolutions must be realistic and attainable
2. Have a concrete plan on how to reach them
3. Establish mini rewards along the way
4. Follow through – habits are hard to break
5. Better esteem keeps the resolution intact

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