Nasty People

Studies show that being under stress and trauma bring out the best and worst in people unveiling their “true” character or personality traits. Such ingrained patterns become more and more utilized the longer stress or trigger exists. In social population among mammals , the longer the animal or human withstands stress , the more solidified one’s personality becomes as a means of basic survival. Caring people become more caring and unfortunately , nasty people become more nasty and manipulative. In other words, desperation forces the mask off of people leaving the raw of emotions and actions.

Nasty or manipulating people range from those who are more unconscious and routine takers or users, to the most extreme intentional type who literally calculate and play or prey on others for their own needs. It isn’t surprising then that during the current pandemic, rates of crime, domestic violence, divorce , and child abuse are at all time highs due to both the social limitations needed for normal human interactions but we also must consider the social isolation and confinement involved when people are forced to be around one another too much. As we always say, too little or too much of anything breeds problems.

The problem with Nasty People is that they don’t change because they don’t want to. Lacking the capacity or desire to be “honestly” compassionate, empathic, or reciprocal, Nasty people enjoy the benefits of taking advantage of others because for some reason or reasons, they feel as though they have somehow suffered and deserve retribution. The worst of the Nasty’s are the ones who project negative onto otherwise nice and positive others believing they have done wrong or are “entitled” and because of their deep feelings of envy, they willfully suck the life out of otherwise nice and “giving” people.

Over the past year, Society has witnessed the true form and division of Human Personalities. Givers vs takers ; lovers vs haters ; helpers vs users and the list goes on between these different types of people. Some have discovered things about others with whom they thought they knew, only to discover that underneath that otherwise seemingly “nice” person, is actually a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. Conflict then intensifies and splinters form dividing personalities into their respective corners. The Nasty People then bond and grow in numbers as do the loving/giving types which, from a functional point of view, leads to greater solidarity in both camps but greater differences among them. Here is when we see both creation and destruction at its greatest heights simultaneously.

True colors form the foundation of any type of social relationship. When a giver is paired with a taker, the relationship is forever going to be tainted in conflict. Some people like to live this way. Others tend to desire more or a harmonious relationship like when two lovers or givers form a pair. For Nasty people, they tend to often be too selfish to even befriend or even date another Nasty unless they form a team together in order to take advantage of a compassionate other ( Bonnie & Clyde ) .

The good news is that Nasty people tend to die 20 years earlier than nice people. Call it Karma ; the justice system ; or the fact that mean people develop more serious illnesses and die in car wrecks twice a frequently as the nice people out there. So, nice people do end up winning in the end despite a Nasty trying to forever create a “buzz kill” for them.

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