No Pain, No Gain

Generally speaking , people fight when they feel hurt in some way or form. From the examples of the common denominator of mass shooters who claim somehow their victims hurt them and deserved to pay for it , to the husband who screams at his wife when he feels no love. Active and angry expressions are the result of the personal degree of “pain” each individual feels. 

Unfortunately these days the focus is on the fear of people’s anger and actions more than trying to better understand where and why they feel hurt. Clearly we collectively aren’t paying enough attention to the times we or they hurt. And hurt people, hurt. We are too taken aback by the increase in each and every type of aggressive act from mass shootings (which are at an all time high as we leave 2022) to an all time high in teenage and young adult depression and suicide. Drug and alcohol abuse are also at an all time high as well as domestic violence cases nation wide. Add in gender confusion ; generational entitlement ; political mayhem and questionable vaccines and we have one gigantic mess on our hands. We are dealing with massive and widespread hurt and pain which is being underscored by the focus on the desperate or fighting aspect of that very same emotional pain.

Perhaps if more people could understand that their anger is really a cry for help relating their own pain , the public focus could perhaps shift from prime time “crime or shame shows” to  ones which focus on ways of eliminating hurt by focusing on loving , listening and responding more empathically to others.  Life would become a better place for all of us if we were better listeners and lovers instead of having to scream our way out of our pain. 

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