One Year Later: Getting Your Kids Through Covid

One Year Later  Getting Your Kids Get Through Covid

Coaching Parents on how to best assist their children and teenagers through the plethora of social, academic , and emotional factors suffered through COVID-19 , has been one of most popular services we offer here at RSFHWP. Utilizing the most up to date scientific data , these are the key recommendations we make to our Parent Clients on how to best support their kids through this difficult time.

Physical : Make sure that you child is getting at least some sort of exercise daily preferably outside in the sun for no less than 20 minutes. The combination of the cardio benefits with the vitamin D provided by the Sun helps elevate mood and keeps their bodies moving despite home and on line learning. Also, be sure to stick with cooking healthy foods for them and make sure they are getting enough sleep – no less and 10 hours for most kids under 18.

Social: Allow contact with friends on a regular basis. In person is best taking covid precautions into consideration , but any sort of contact with peers increases compliance at home due to the social benefits of sharing and learning , and experiencing things together and not alone.

Academic: If your child is at home but in school on line , it is essential that you maintain the same School Day Schedule as their school provides ( including breaks & lunch ) and periodically check to make sure they are on task. The lack of a live and present school teacher reduces compliance by over 80% and expecting kids and younger teens to manage themselves without an adult present is an accident waiting to happen.

Emotional: Try to keep your child in as many typical or normal activities as possible to balance out the isolation caused by home remote school. Baseball practice ; music lessons and other “normal” activities helps kids see that their entire world isn’t at risk despite the multitude of changes and modifications ( wearing masks ) that have been mandated presently in their worlds. Developing and following a daily schedule around school – meals / breaks / activities – helps center the child and keeps them on a forward moving track which benefits their emotional health.

Family: Being locked at home with ones parents and siblings for about a year now has been challenging for both kids and parents alike. The typical daily breaks of school and work providing independence for all family members has been jolted creating intensified conflicts and problems. It’s very important that private spaces are respected during these times ( rooms ) so at least a closed door or isolated area can become a safe self zone. Family activities that contain humor , such as a funny Netflix Series , can lighten the tension and create a sense of union. Playing a game of Go Fish or some fun board game that boosts spirits are also solid options. Playing music in your home which is Uplifting , not dreary , also has been shown to increase certain neurotransmitters which boost mood as well. Most importantly, Parents need calm themselves down first in order to be optimally securing and optimistic with their kids during this time providing comfort and an assurance that this pandemic will come to an end despite its longevity and that life will once again seem normal for Humans.

For the rest of Nature and other animals , life has been relatively untouched by the effects of this crisis except for perhaps grizzly or brown Bears who rely on picnic baskets from visiting camping tourists for desert. This truism however that life goes on in other areas of nature despite bumps or changes in tides and weather serves as an additionally comforting factor for people , especially small children who witness that life is about lessons in experiences , adaptability, and functional change all of which leads to increased self – confidence ( getting through it ) and building further resilience when unforeseen events or circumstances might arise in their futures. “If I could get through that one , I can get through this one too”. “Silver linings” are always the result of any sort or trauma , change or evolution. This follows the old adage – If it doesn’t kill you , it makes you stronger.

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