Many of my recent clients have asked me to help Coach them through the recent repetitive traumas we’ve all experienced from Pandemics to Political Mayhem all indicative of a current “Cancel Culture”.

The experience of multiple trauma can and does kick your ass until you come to the realization that the only thing you have control over is yourself. This freedom of responsibility coupled with the acceptance of people and life in general can empower one if they take charge of the only thing they can which is their own health , wellness, and happiness.

Within this framework one has control over their physical , emotional , social , occupational , educational , and interpersonal lives leading to an internal sense of Independence, freedom , and less “fear of the unknown” which is always highlighted when a trauma is present.

Once one can let go of feeling externally responsible for something outside of themselves / control , energized focus can be placed into one’s own Self-Awareness and wellness.

One area of such mindful and healthy self – control is the establishment of “Projects” that one is currently working on when not either working , taking care of the kids , in school , or spending time with your family or a loved one. These can range from building things ; painting a picture ; putting together a puzzle ; gardening and the list continues based upon ones individual desires or preferences. Studies show that if such projects are based on passions and are on going in nature ( gardening ; quilting , etc. ) , even better as the person shifts their attention to activities that stimulate their own pleasure centers in the brain lowering stress and anxiety.

So. Take a moment and make a list of some “projects” you can think of that would provide some needed relief from focusing on outside noise , and make time each day to invest a little time in one or even more than one which will allow you to mindfully witness that you do have control of your own happiness if you take charge of yourself.

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