Through our journey fighting mental health and addiction affecting our own son , we found many angels along the way, everything we did for our son helped to come to the place we are today ( we finally can breath and have some peace) . It’s been a long / painful struggle and we have also found lots of obstacles, bad people, not professional or helpful at all, lack of resources and frustration with the system. All I can say is that one of our angels is Dr. Keith Kanner. For us he play a big part not only on our sons recovery but also on my husband’s and I healing…. We will forever be thankful and appreciative for our experience with him. I highly recommend him if you need help for you or your family members. He covers a huge range of services and puts his heart and soul into what he does. We thank you and love you Keith!
Cielo Porreco
What can I say Keith is simply amazing !!!! I went from a women who literally let others run my life with emotional dominance to living life for myself ! The confidence and direction I now have is a direct effect from Keith’s teachings …. Keith is with you as a partner through all and every one of your steps as needed !!!! He will do check ins simply because he cares about his clients and wants the success for you as much as you should for yourself ! The experience I have received is unlike any other …. Life changing from health and wellness to mind body and spirit ! Nothing is left out !!! Your needs will be met because of his consistent care and connection ! I 100 percent believe in Keith walking along side you
joanna smith
Dr Keith has coached me to a new career and a new life when, at my age, i didnt think it was possible. He is sincere, taking only select clients. Count yourself lucky if you are among the elite he feels can benefit from his approach. It is not easy but it is fulfilling. He will insist on developing and integrating the health of your mind, body and spirit. Can you afford to settle for anything less? The changes he will help you make especially in self-care and self-esteem are priceless. He was my biggest advocate and continues to support me as a friend long after completing the program. I encourage anyone wishing to enrich their lives, careers and relationships to invest some time with Dr. Keith.
Janiffer Baumann
Dr. Keith Kanner has a very pragmatic approach that improves every aspect of your life. He provides a comprehensive area assessment, works on those areas and is very good at coaching individuals going through difficult life stages such as divorce and parenting. Highly recommend!
Rita Love
In short, my experience at Dr. Kanner’s wellness center has changed my life. I didn’t not think of what I was getting out of this until I truly felt bless I came here. I have been searching for ways to flourish and get out of my head, now I have found that. please reach out to Keith for whatever you need, wether it’s therapy or working out, he knew what was best.
Lilly O'Sullivan
Dr. Keith has been the most helpful to me than any other provider ever in my life. I am eternally grateful and would highly recommend him to anyone who really wants to change their entire life for the better.
andrew clark
Dr. Keith Kanner worked with myself and my three children for several years, while I was going through a horrible, public divorce. He worked with all of us together and separately and,quite frankly, kept myself and my kids from falling apart. I attribute my sanity to the incredible counseling I received from Dr.Keith Kanner. He was and is a compassionate, talented therapist, who has helped countless families and children I have known. He is a complete professional on all levels.
Patrice Denholm
Dr. Keith Kanner is a brilliant life coach and whose commitment, compassion and understanding has been transformative in my personal struggles with addiction.

Keith is giving me the tools and the confidence to get my life back on track. Through his mentoring and positive support I am becoming a strong and happy person. I know I have the ability and feel empowered that I can accomplish whatever dream I choose for my life.

Dr. Kanner is a amazing Performance Coach as he has helped my professional career as an athlete. His Mindful approach in assisting athletes in trusting their talent is life changing and my performance is up at least 50 percent from before I started his 3 Month Performance Program. I highly recommend him to athletes of all ages.
Ben Ward
Dr. Kanner is one the most gifted and dedicated Health & Wellness Professionals I have ever worked with. He is dedicated , honest , and dedicates himself to the needs of his clients 100 percent. As a health care and personality specialist , I utilize his services for both myself and my clients.

Shame on anyone who is too self-centered or disturbed to appreciate a true healer and would attempt to curtail his efforts.

Robert Lazerus
It takes a special person to be a life coach; to successfully empower people to teach them how to become their best selves. In an approachable, compassionate and positive way, that’s what Keith Kanner does. I highly recommend him as a life coach for children, adults and couples.
His tennis camp for kids is fantastic too!

Cee Morello
Dr. Keith is extremely good at helping people bring about change. He was instrumental in helping my partner and me through an incredibly difficult time that almost destroyed our relationship. The changes he helped us make saved the day. Highly recommended.
Chris Hawkins
Dr. Kanner is an amazing individual with so much insight into bettering the world and the world of my family. I am so thankful for all his help and life coaching!!!
Corina Walker
Dr. Kanner helped me to figure out what to do with my life after I got out of detox. I was really lost and quite depressed. I now feel as though I am on both the road to recovery as well as moving ahead with my life . I highly recommend him .
Calvin Hall
Thank you dr. Kanner you have been such an inspiration to my life. My life was such a struggle and now because of you knowledge as a life coach, my life has a direction and purpose. Thank you for all your help and direction in my new outlook in life.
Thank you
Desirae Lanzman
Dr. K has helped our family out tremendously. He really understands kids, both girls and boys with today’s complicated stresses. (We have one of each that he advised some.) They say “it takes a village,” and Dr Kanner has been that other guy that us parents sometimes need: friend, confidant, advisor, athletic buddy & life coach …I am grateful for his expertise and loving help with my family.
Julie Simpson
Dr. Kanner literally helped me change my life from one of historical hopefulness to a life filled with hope and positivism . He helped me focus on my goals in life and worked with me to develop a plan of action to help get me where I wanted to go . His guidance in the practice of Mindfulness was unlike and far superior to the dozens of workshops and webinars that I attended and I utilise his methods each and everyday and my entire life and outlook on everything has changed from historically negative to consistent positivism . All aspects of my life are “wonderful”. I feel the best I have ever felt in the 52 years of my life . Thank you Dr. K.
Aava Samandari

Dr. Kanner, has been my daughter’s personal coach for several months. He has been such a blessing for our daughter and our family. He is empathetic, humane, respectful and very conscientious and persistent with her well-being.

Dr. Kanner, tells my daughter and her family what we need to know in plain language in a forthright manner.

Thank you Dr. Kanner for everything that you are doing to help my daughter and our family.

Ana Brooks

Reydeen Brooks
Dr. Keith was recommended to me by a dear friend who had worked with him years prior. My significant other and I were having some major struggles in our relationship and months of therapy were getting us nowhere. We desperately needed some clarity and Dr. Keith was able to give us just that. Not only did our relationship finally move in the right direction, he also helped both of us to get back on track with our health, careers, and enjoyment of life! His life coaching program has been invauable. I can’t say enough about what Dr. Keith has meant for our relationship and our lives. If you’re looking to make some much needed changes in your life with some serious forward momentum, you couldn’t be in better hands than Dr. Keith. He jumped right into helping me through my struggles… I felt like someone finally had my back and it gave me the confidence to push forward through some challenging issues. I have so much gratitude in my heart for what he has done for me — words can’t even express it! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Keith.
Maiko Michelle