Most people don’t understand that the Laws of Attraction are the Social Psychological soft science explanation of the Laws of Physics. In other words , hard Science teaches us that the energy we experience internally is indeed expressed onto our respective environments in the form of positive , neutral, or negative ions. For example, Mindfully positive ,kind , & loving emotional energy predicts high social and occupational success. On the other hand , negatively charged people tend to have the worst luck with making friends, earning money, and performing to their top potential. Sports Psychology teaches us that whichever team leader wants to win the most ( Positive Mind Set ) , the greater the team shared energy flows in that direction. The bottom line is that either the Buzz wins or kills the outcome every time.

Whether you’re a football quarterback or a corporate executive, be that vibe You want to create. This is actually something you can control and according to science , your efforts will pay off as long as you lead what you feel and believe without a doubt. Because doubt always kills the vibe and then the objective is lost from both Cognitive and Physiochemical Perspective , all emotions , whether happiness, sadness, and even agitation, appear electrochemically the same way in the body. The only way an emotion is identified by name and experience is by the individual experiencing the sensation and then cognitively assigning a name to the particular emotion. With that said, altering one’s Mind and Emotional state is something that mindful individuals can perform by simply deciding what emotion would be preferable to experience and express based on particular situations. Changing an attitude is based on what a person chooses to think and focus upon. Each day is filled with ups and downs , but it’s up to the person to decide what he or she chooses to direct their attention, intent and emotions towards. In other words, a person can change their emotions by focusing and thinking about something else which then manifests itself in a different type of vibe. I’n other words , stick with lemonade , not lemon juice.

Mindset Coaching is a technique I use with my Clients. Practicing various different adaptive Mindsets assists the individual in learning how to alter a particular emotion faster or be able to hold onto a desired emotional state longer. As with any learned task, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness take time and practice to master. Most people are not selective about what they focus upon and often feel confused or flooded leading to feelings of anxiety and defeat. Being able to learn how to better manage and direct one’s emotional vibe is a form of self-care and self-soothing. We always perform at our best when we are the most dialed in on how we are feeling and managing those feelings or re-directing them to different more perhaps adaptive ones.

So, give it a try. Try to mindfully decide what vibe you want to create around you and practice it out. You might be surprised when you notice that your efforts to be in a happy and positive place has that same effect on people around you even if they initially seem irritable or even upset. But the key is that the vibe you create must be authentic. In other words, merely saying I will be in a good mood isn’t enough. One must choose to focus on the present positive conditions at hand steering that energy in that direction and not towards any negative thoughts, conditions, or feelings.

Happiness is a choice. So is defeat. It all depends on what one focuses their attention on. This doesn’t erase or deny the bumps we all experience. It merely assists in positive functioning despite negative situations that come and go as all feelings do.

So be the Vibe you want to be. Breathe it. Feel it and if it’s a good thing , pass that onto others as a compassionate gift. Emotionally treat others the way You want them to treat you and see what happens. You might even be surprised.

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