Why “Bucket Lists” Fail

January 29, 2021

Each and every friend or relative I’ve lost the last few years either never started or ever completed that ever so important “Bucket List” , or all the things a person wants to do before they die.

Why is that? Never enough time with busy schedules may be one explanation but , as a Behavior Expert , I offer an additional explanation There is a direct unconscious mental association between a Bucker List and a Coffin. If a person makes this association consciously or unconsciously , this could be an additional explanation why the percentage of people who actually complete their Bucket List is extremely low unless they are able to comfortably accept the notion immortality while still living.

Whether we like it or not , we will die at least here on Earth. Precisely when, no one really knows and that’s a reality. Furthermore , there are numerous concepts of what happens when we leave this earth. But , science teaches us that this remains undetermined.

However , the items on most Bucket Lists are happy and enjoyable activities designed to lift spirits as a means to make the idea of dying less uneasy. In fact, Science has proved that happy and healthy – minded people actually live longer than the statistic also proving that married people live longer than single one until the loss of their spouse. Once widowed however , the life span of the surviving spouse decreases rapidly due to the emotional loss of their beloved partner unless they themselves invest actively into healthy and positive experiences. When a widow does so, their physical body also remains healthier and subsequently they live longer than expected .

So. How can we get more people to start their Bucket List items now rather than later or never ?

Easy. Just change the title of your Bucket List to your Present Daily To Do List and start it today. If you can’t complete them in one day as most can’t based on planning or having enough time , just continue your list tomorrow and so forth in order to improve your sense of well-being and not maintaining a negative mental association with an association with death.

One’s present life then becomes a conscious choice. You can fill your time with happy endeavors or choices or negative ones. Each person has that choice.

And your unconscious mind will no longer associate death with pleasure seeking activities. It will modify pleasant positive investments with joy and not sorrow.

So. Make your New Years Resolution redefining your Bucket ( casket ) List with a wonderful Daily Today To Do List ( for example planning that vacation to Europe now ) and observe what will happen. Happy people live longer than unhappy people. The choice is yours. I prefer happiness and joy over fear and despair. I hope you agree as well and start adding those desired and uplifting activities to your life now , not later for you never know when our time comes to the end on this planet we all live upon.

Dr. Kanner is a Certified Health & Wellness Care Coach/Practitioner. As a behavioral interventionist, he helps his Clients make desired changes by utilizing proven neurological ,cognitive , and behavioral techniques to assist in the change or desired process. As a Performance Coach , he works hand and hand with his Clients through the complete 3-Month evidence-based program and has had tremendous success in helping his clients greatly improve their entire lives with lasting results.

In addition , Dr. Kanner is a US Ranger ( Regional & National First Responder ) volunteering his time to help those in emergency crises and needs.

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