Work Therapy

If our clients don’t already have a job and an independent stream of income, We will often suggest one as part of their action plan of change to improve their wellbeing.

We will go so far as helping our clients find the right job based on their desires and skills combined. We believe that you might as well love what you do especially if you have to earn a paycheck.

Studies consistently show that people who have an independent means of making a buck , independent of family constellations , have higher levels of self-esteem , purpose , healthier levels of independence and self – worth. Pretty important stuff which helps to explain that when people either cannot work or stop working , both their physical and mental health functioning take nose dives often ending up in a an illness. There is something very organizing about working too. It holds us accountable providing us with an organized activity where we must get up and show up or we get fired by an actual Boss and not just an angry parent temporarily taking away allowance if the chores assigned remain forgotten.

The social benefits or working are also frequently studied showing that once one is no longer in school and in the real world , finding similar others isn’t sometimes as easy as one might think and one’s work environment provides a similar “school friend “ kind of feeling.

The mental health benefits of making a dollar by yourself and not stealing it are profound. Work allows us ,or makes us,focus outside of ourselves; outside of our problems, pains , and misgivings giving our brains a needed break which is actually neurologically healing. That old adage “Stress Kills” is actually true and is more frequent when you don’t have a job.

I’ve written before about the many mental and physical benefits of regular daily physical activity. When we combine other lifestyle science facts to the mix , in this case finding something to do where you can earn your own money , people change for the better faster.

Perhaps if one considers the health and wellness supplied by an independent means of money , they might want to utilize that reason alone as a personal motivator to seek one.

With 2021 coming to an end , what a great time to both get a job and join a gym perhaps as part of your New Years Resolution.

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